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The jewelry featured on these pages, are designed and individually made by me since 1980 and up till today. In my workshop I use raw sheets and wires of gold, silver or copper, to create the unique metal bases on which numerous layers of vitreous enamels are applied and fired. This process ensures that each piece of jewelry is an exclusive, handcrafted one-of-a-kind delight, made with the humane touch. Photos by C.Hv.

I am inspired by the nature, the seasons' ever-changing palette, and the heritage of Peoples crafts in metal and decorative art. The possibilities of diverse designs are enhanced by exploring different techniques, over the years, in the field of enameling and metalsmithing. 

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English CV


College, science degree, 1979
Vocational school, subjects: Open-air living and

the environment, 1980.
Apprenticeship in filigree, with Jon G. Helle, Norway 1980, 1983
Government approved, course in goldsmithing, Oslo 1982
Tradesman certificate as goldsmith-filigree 1983.


Kristinworks, Kristin Anderson, Wisconsin, USA,

Champlevé enamel,1984
SNAG-conference New York City 1984

Member of SNAG

(Society of North American Goldsmiths) for 20 years
Lars Harsheim A/S Oslo, Norway, gold & diamonds,1985-1988

Visited precious stone mines in Sri Lanka 1986
Juhls Silver Gallery, Kautokeino, Norway 1988
Long Dream Gallery, Kristin Anderson, Florida 1992
The Enamelist Society, conference and workshops Tennessee 2005:
- Raku enameling, teacher: Dorothy Cockrell
- separation enamel, dry sifting and surface techniques,

teacher: Tom Ellis
Held a workshop in enameling for the Norwegian

Goldsmith Society, 2006
Arranged and attended a cloisonné enamel workshop in my studio  with teacher : Merry-Lee Rae from USA 2007

Visited goldmine in Ballarat, Australia 2008
Applied experimenting in various enameling techniques, 2005-2017
Gave workshops in enameling at Glassforum AS,

Norway 2008-2011
Sales class - "The good host", at the copper mining town

Røros, Norway 2010
The Enamelist Society, conference and workshops Tennessee 2011:
- Granulation, teacher: Doug Harling
- Grisaille, teacher: Bill Helwig
Also gave a speech on Norwegian enameling history

and current enamelists

Jewelry exhibition and speech at Sugarshop Exclusive, 

Oslo, September 2012
Exhibition and speech at Gallery Tøysentralen, Norway 2014

Introduced to abstract enameling by artist and enamelist

Janly Jaggard from England-USA visiting, 2015

Inspirational visit to artist and enamelist

Solveig Haukaas, Norway 2015

Experimented in making enameled abstract

landscape motives on copper, 2015-16 

Visited opal mines i Coober Pedy, and

gold mine in Bendigo, Australia 2017

Attended enamel workshop, Mastering Opalecense, 

California USA, teacher : Merry-Lee Rae 2020

Workshop/outlet from 1989-2008
"Galleri Duo" 2001-2005
Earlier sales by commission thru e.g.:
Norway Silver Design, Goldline, Expo Arte Jewelry Design all in Oslo, Lillehammer Art Museum, and

National Museum of Decorative Arts, Trondheim.
Rebuilt my workshop featuring customer access, 2013
New web-site in 2007, 2014, and this in Dec. 2016

Made photographs of jewelry and nature motives for my web-sites

Estabelished a web-shop at www.grainsofglass.com

named On Fire, 2015-2017 

Participated in several exhibitions and art-fairs, 1990-2020
First place, male jewelry, NGF’s jewelry design competition, 2004
“Award of Encouragement”, Shippo Juried Exhibition, Tokyo 2007
Summer exhibition, Aukrustsenteret-Norway 2008


The Norwegian Goldsmith Federation, (NGF)
The Enamelist Society, USA

Norwegian CV

Født 1960


Artium, realfag, Oslo 1979
Hardanger Folkehøgskole, natur-og friluftsliv, 1980
Lærling hos Jon G Helle, Rysstad i Setesdal 1981, 1983
Grunnkurs gullsmedlinje, Elvebakken vg.skole 1982
Svennebrev, filigransarbeider i gullsmedfaget 1983


Kristinworks, Kristin Anderson, Wisconsin USA,

Champlevé emalje, 1984
SNAG conference, New York 1984

Medlem av SNAG-Society of North American Goldsmiths i 20 år
Gullsmed Lars Harsheim A/S, Oslo, gull & diamanter, 1985-88

Besøkte smykkesteinsgruver på Sri Lanka 1986
Juhls Sølvsmie i Kautokeino 1988
Long Dream Gallery, Kristin Anderson, Florida 1992
The Enamelist Society Conference og kurs i Tennessee, USA 2005:
- Rakubrenning av emalje, lærer: Dorothy Cockrell
- separasjonsemaljering, overflatete og strøteknikker,

lærer: Tom Ellis
Holdt emaljekurs for Norges Gullsmedforbund, Fredrikstad 2006
Arrangerte og deltok på cloissonnet emaljekurs i eget verksted
med lærer Merry-Lee Rae fra USA, 2007

Besøkte gullgruvebyen Ballarat, Australia 2008
Selvstudie i diverse emaljeteknikker, 2005-2017
Holdt emaljekurs hos Glassforum AS, Averøya 2008-2011
Salgskurs - "Det gode vertskap", i kobbergruvebyen Røros 2010
The Enamlist Society Conference og kurs i Tennessee, USA 2011:
- Granulering, lærer: Doug Harling
- Grisaille, lærer: Bill Helwig
Holdt også foredrag der om norsk emaljehistorie og

norske emaljører i dag

Foredrag med smykkevisning hos Sugarshop Exclusive, ved Elisabeth Due i Oslo, September 2012
Foredrag med smykkevisning hos Galleri Tøysentralen, Tolga 2014

Introdusert til abstrakt emaljering på kobber av kunstner og emaljør Janly Jaggard, fra England-USA på besøk, 2015

Inspirasjonsbesøk til kunstner og emaljør

Solveig Haukaas, Balestrand 2015

Eksperimenterte med emaljerte abstrakte

landskapsmotiver på kobber, 2015-16 

Besøkte opalgruve i Coober Pedy, og

gullgruve i Bendigo, Australia 2017

Emaljekurs "Mastering Opalecense", California USA,

lærer : Merry-Lee Rae 2020

Egen verksted/butikk "Sølvsmia" i Vingelen fra 1989,

Tynset fra 1993
"Galleri Duo", utsalg på Tynset 2001-2005
Tidligere utsalg på kommisjon hos bl.a: Norway Silver Design,

David Andersen, Goldline ved gullsmed Ulf Larsen, Expo Arte smykkedesign ved gullsmed Anne Line Bakkevig, alle i Oslo, Lillehammer Kunst Museum, Nordenfjeldske Kunstindustrimuseum, Trondheim.
"Sølvsmia” opphørt som firma, 2008
Omgjøring av eget verksted med tilgjengelighet for kunder, 2013
Opprettet web-side i 2007, 2014 og denne i Des 2016

Fotograferte smykker og naturbilder for web-sidene mine

Etablerte web-butikk hos www.grainsofglass.com

med navn On Fire, 2015-2017


Diverse utstillinger, messer og mart´nar 1990-2020
1.prisen, mannesmykke ved Norges Gullsmedforbund, 2004
Award of Encouragement Shippo Exhibition, Tokyo 2007
Sommerutstilling i Aukrustsenteret,"Foran og bak sløret", 2008
Jubileumsutstilling, Expo Arte Smykkedesign, ved gullsmed

Anne Line Bakkevig, 2009


Norges Gullsmedforbund
The Enamelist Society (USA)

Links :

- Norges Gullsmed Forbund: www.gullsmed.no

- The Enamelist Society: www.enamelistsociety.org

- Society of North American Goldsmith: www.snagmetalsmith.org

- The Ganoksin Project: www.ganoksin.com

- Glass Forum AS: www.glassforum.no

- Enamels by Merry-Lee Rae: www.merryleerae.com

- Enamels by Janly Jaggard: www.janlyjaggard.com

- Enamels by Kristin Anderson: www.longdreamgallery.com

- Enamels by Ricky Frank: www.rickyfrank.com

- Enamels by Debbie Sheezel: www.debbiesheezel.com.au

- Enamels by Solveig Haukaas: www.solveighaukaas.no

- Granulation by Kent Raible: www.kentraible.com

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